June 13, 2010

Pipelining for Great Candidates - and How it Affects Recruiter Jobs

When we speak with folks outside the staffing industry regarding the number of people on the job market and the availability of candidates to place, they typically assume that since there are so many people unemployed, that recruiters should have plenty of candidates to present to our clients.

Well…not exactly. What they don’t know - but what all of us in staffing and recruiting have seen first-hand - is that, yes, there are lots of candidates on the market, but clients are very picky.

During the recession, if clients were hiring at all, they certainly wouldn’t have paid a fee or a reasonable hourly rate for a candidate that was only adequate. They only wanted the top candidates. And ironically, some of the best “A” candidates wouldn't move. It’s the old bird-in-the-hand thing. Some of the best, most placeable, candidates wouldn’t budge because they did not want to take the risk of leaving during such uncertain times.

Now, however, we are finally starting to see that loosen up. Candidates are moving. They are exploring other job opportunities, many of which they would not have considered even 2 months ago. We have seen staffing firms benefit from this more relaxed environment, and subsequently, they are growing themselves to meet the ever-growing staffing needs of their clients.


Need Help Sourcing for Candidates?

Is your staffing firm experiencing this renewed demand and you find yourself in the frustrating position where you have lots of job orders but not enough candidates to present? If so, you might want to consider outsourcing some of the grunt work to Talent Hog.

Talent Hog is unique as a sourcing service because they do the heavy lifting for you. They source great candidates for you to place, but they do it with actual trained professionals who personally screen each candidate for you and match them up with your criteria. It’s a much more targeted sourcing tool…with a human touch.

Here’s what one Talent Hog client had to say:

“I recently used Talent Hog’s $495 search offering and was really pleased with the outcome. Over half of the 25 résumés presented to me were spot on for a tough- to- fill IT position in Manhattan, and several more were close fits. Thanks Talent Hog!”

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