June 11, 2008

Openreq: Firm Plot June 10th, 2008

By William Tincup


So let’s say we took an online job board that caters to staffing firms with the ability to be completely anonymous. Genius right? Right. And right now g-e-n-i-u-s spells Openreq. These guys have not only created something that’s never been done; they tell you WHY they are good at it and WHY they are going to help you. Talk about the full package. If you are in the staffing or RPO space, check them out.

Openreq allows two entirely separate accounts for both the candidate and the employer, not to mention a stand alone board which doesn’t allow cross posting with complete anonymity. Way cool.

This company has only been live for about six months but you can tell they’ve got it together. This is most likely because of their CEO, Perrin Peacock. This guy’s real cool, down to earth, and we’re glad to have him as our friend.

Prior to starting Openreq, Perrin ran Peacock International, an executive search firm specializing in recruiting within the staffing industry. He officially closed his search business when we started Openreq so he wouldn’t feel any sort of conflict between the two businesses. Check him out on LinkedIn. While you’re at it, join his Openreq LinkedIn group.

Perrin is so involved with his clients and the like he takes the time to send out a newsletter sharing different networking opportunities people should be getting involved in.

Openreq is the only one of its kind and they care about their clients and employers. Don’t have time to really dive into the site/services? Don’t worry; they have alternative ways of getting what you need accomplished. That’s impressive.Check out Openreq. You’ll be surprised, impressed and not even close to disappointed. We wish the best of luck to Openreq and Perrin.

Keep it up.

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